Working with TeX Equations

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If you want to include nicely formatted math text on your wiki page you can use (when in edit mode) the WikiEditor button Button math.png and LaTeX.

As an example:

P(r) \propto r^{n-1} \exp(-kr^2/2\sigma^2)

is rendered by inserting "P(r) \propto r^{n-1} \exp(-kr^2/2\sigma^2)" (without the quotation marks) into the highlighted area after clicking the Button math.png button.

Step 1: Generate your mathematical expression in TeX (e.g., using the TeX/LaTeX graphical editor LyX [1])

Step 2: Copy the LaTeX source code and paste it into the highlighted area displayed after clicking the Button math.png button.

Preview and save your LaTeX wiki math equation.