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1.Optical tweezer slide 1.jpg

Place lens tissue paper above and below a microscope slide.

2.Optical tweezer slide 2.jpg

To clean the slide, drop a small amount of methanol on top of the top piece of lens tissue.

3.Optical tweezer slide 3.jpg

Slide the lens tissue across the microscope slide, making sure that the alcohol wipes across the entire slide. You may need something to hold the slide in place to keep it from... well, sliding.

4.Optical tweezer slide 4.jpg

Cut a short piece of double sided sticky tape. Cut this piece in half length-wise so you get two, skinny pieces of tape.

5.Optical tweezer slide 5.jpg

Put some vaseline on one side of both pieces of tape.

6.Optical tweezer slide 6.jpg

Place both of these pieces of tape on the microscope slide about a centimeter away from each other with the vaseline sides facing each other.

7.Optical tweezer slide 7.jpg

After cleaning a microscope cover slip in the same fashion as the slide, place a cover slip on top of the two pieces of tape. Be sure that the cover slip is secure.

8.Optical tweezer slide 8.jpg

Retrieve around 10 micro-liters of microsphere solution. Make sure that this is very dilute. If you can see any opacity, it is too concentrated.

9.Optical tweezer slide 9.jpg

10.Optical tweezer slide 10.jpg

Dry off any excess solution on the edges of the cover slip.

11.Optical tweezer slide 11.jpg

Use top coat nail polish to seal the ends of the channels.

12.Optical tweezer slide 12.jpg

13.Optical tweezer slide 13.jpg


Important notes:

  • Do not shake the contents of the microsphere bottles unless you plan to dilute them. Trying to view this many spheres looks cool, but doesn't have any real value. If you shake the bottle and then view the sample under the objective lens, you'll look like a fool.
  • Make sure to orient the slide so that the cover slip is facing towards the objective lens. In our case, the working distance of our objective lens is 0.2 mm. If your's is similar, the sample will be too far away to focus and you'll look like a fool.
  • Take special care when applying nail polish near the microscope slide edges. If there is nail polish where the slide contacts the grooves of the slide mount, the nail polish may cause jamming or dry inside the grooves.
  • To conserve microscope slides and to produce more stability, cleaving standard sized microscope slides into halves is a good idea.