Scientific Python Primer

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This Python Primer utilizes an IPython notebook kernel running on a computer in the APL and a browser-based IPython notebook front end located on your computer. That is, you don't need any special software just a computer with a web-browser and a SSH client.

You will start your IPython session by establishing a SSH tunnel.

Step 1 SSH into the remote machine and run the IPython web-based environment and direct it to a specific port. The command for this should look something like:

ipython notebook --no-browser --port=70xx

Step 2 On the local machine you can access this remote port using an SSH tunnel with port forwarding. The command for that will look like:

ssh -N -f -L localhost:70xx:localhost:70xx username@remotemachine

Step 3 Now to use the session all you have to do is (from the local machine) run your preferred web browser with the URL: