LabVIEW Primer

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This LabVIEW primer is based off of the book "Hands-On Introduction to LabVIEW for Scientists and Engineers" by John Essick. Two copies of the book can be found in the lab to the right of the computer setup.

Currently LabVIEW is installed on one machine in the lab. When looking at the desktop computers straight on, the rightmost computer closest to the books contains an installation of LabVIEW. This computer runs Linux but has Windows 7 installed as a virtual machine. Our version of LabVIEW is installed on Windows, so the Windows virtual machine must be ran before LabVIEW can be accessed. Running Windows is simple; there is a shortcut on the Linux desktop called "Hankwin" which can be clicked to open. Once Windows is running, LabVIEW can be found in the Programs menu.