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Note: This guide was adapted from sparkfun their guide is much more comprehensive and provides more context than what is in this guide. However, it is a bit higher level than one would need to work on projects for this lab.

I2C is a communications protocol used to connect chips inside of a device. What that means is that I2C is the rules for how the chips talk to each other. Usually there is one or more master chips that collect information from "slave" chips and also send instructions to the slave nodes.

I2C v SPI v Serial

There are two other main communication protocols that are still in use, SPI and Serial. Serial uses just 2 connections RX, and TX. These two lines will exchange all the necessary information. They also have to agree on the time before they can accurately communicate, this is what is called the Baud rate. For two serial devices to communicate their Baud rates need to be close or identical. This limits the