Fiber Optics

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Fiber Basics

Fiber connectors.png
Fiber mating sleeves.png


Connectorizing optical fiber

Remember to practice safety when breaking fiber and handling broken ends: wear safety glasses and tape up ends

The following list discusses the highlights of connectorizing fiber. Consult Thorlab's Fiber Polishing and Connectorization Manual for a more complete description.

  • Strip coating from fiber, leaving 2-3 inches of bare fiber
  • Prepare epoxy (EpoTek 353ND, mixing ratio 10:1 A:B by weight)
  • Inject epoxy into connector
  • Insert bare fiber through ferrule and cure epoxy (20 min @ 120 C, or level 6 on our oven)
  • Use diamond tipped blade to score and cleave fiber just above epoxy bead
  • Hand polish tip until fiber is flush with epoxy
  • Polish using abrasion sheets and polishing puck: 30um (green), 6um (yellow), 3um (red), 1um (white)

Some useful fiber polishing pictures

insert epoxy in connector
polishing progression
perfect fiber polish
polishing picture guide
cleans vs dirty fiber connectors

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