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(Projects and Modules)
(Projects and Modules)
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- ''[[Digital-Electronics Obstacle Course]]''
- ''[[Digital-Electronics Obstacle Course]]''
- ''[[Permittivity and Permeability of Materials Obstacle Course]]''
- ''[[Vacuum Technology Obstacle Course]]''
- ''[[Vacuum Technology Obstacle Course]]''

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Welcome to the University of Oregon, Department of Physics, Advanced Projects Lab's Wiki.

To see our main website visit Advanced Projects Lab.

Projects and Modules


Advanced Projects

Teaching Modules

- General Lab Equipment Obstacle Course

- Basic Machining Obstacle Course

- Optics Obstacle Course

- Fiber-Optics Obstacle Course

- Electronics Obstacle Course

- Digital-Electronics Obstacle Course

- Permittivity and Permeability of Materials Obstacle Course

- Vacuum Technology Obstacle Course

- Scientific Python Primer

- LabVIEW Primer

- Taking, Storing and Presenting Data

- How To Make a PCB

- How to Test Transistors and FETs

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