Vibrio Cholerae

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Vibrio Cholerae

Vibrio Cholerae bacteria was obtained from the Biophysics Department. This particular sample was chosen because the individual bacteria are of similar size as the microspheres, and have flagellum (tail-like structure) which allows them to traverse the fluid in which the are living in. An image of a single vibrio cholera organism is show below:


Figure 1: A single vibrio cell. The body is about 2-3 micrometers long and about 1 micrometers wide. The tail like appendage is the flagellum

You will need assistance procuring a sample, but a basic understanding about handling the samples is important: First the bacteria will be diluted in a nutrient broth which will keep them alive. It is important to dilute the sample enough because just as the microspheres a overly concentrated sample will be impossible to work with. Also, wear gloves and dispose of all used pipettes in the biohazard bin. Return unused samples back to the Biophysics lab so they can be properly disposed of. DO NOT rinse down the sink because it is bacteria and can contaminate water.