MgB2 Superconductor

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MgB2 Superconductor Project

Preparing Samples

1) Weigh appropriate amounts of Mg and B powders. Use this calculation as a guide.
2) Mix and grind powders (in mortar) for ~ 15 minutes.
3) Pack and press the resulting powder into sheathing material.
4) Mechanically deform sample (crush the core) into a slug, ribbon or wire.
5) Heat (possibly two or more temps for two or more times) in stainless steel (SS) boat. Possibly under continuous argon flow.

Processing Post-Reacted Samples

1) Possibly mechanically deform again.
2) Possibly sinter again.
2) Cut off sample ends (exposing clean sample cores).
3) Polish sample ends.

The processed samples should have reasonably low (room temp) resistivities (on the order of 0.001 Ohm x cm). The resistance R = (resistivity x length)/area.